2012 Collection: “The Wardrobe”

Yevette’s entry in the “Katwalk” program:

“The Wardrobe led me to a place I have never known by sight, but have always known in my heart. My inspiration was Lucy Pevensie, a wide-eyed girl with unwavering faith. She is both a youthful, bright spirit and an old soul at the same time; unafraid to step into the unknown and steadfastly face what is to come. The Wardrobe is filled with styles  hinting at eras gone by; accompanied by royal colors of turquoise, deep purple, gold and white; and a femininity which only surfaces through grace. The collection is meant for those who love the forest in their hearts, and yet wear their sparkling hearts on their sleeves. It renders treasured memories and hope for a better tomorrow, until one makes that trip through the wardrobe– where one can be young and old all at once. Into a world of twinkling wilderness and truly enchanting moments. In the wardrobe, one is timeless.

The collection is made from a wide array of largely socially responsible/sustainable materials. Most of the textiles and other materials are either organic, fair trade, reclaimed/recycled goods, or a combination of these.

Design is the medium I have been given to make the change I want to see in the world. Called to be a social entrepreneur, I hope to improve the lives of others using my skills as a designer. I have learned in these difficult last few years that I was called to be courageous, and so I create for those who do not have the same opportunities in life as I have been given. I create beautiful things for them. Hopefully, I will design for those who believe in well-made and sustainable fashions, and then help provide a better life for those in dire need.

I want to say thanks to my dad for teaching me what it means to be a craftsperson at heart, and to never take what you do have for granted. Thanks to my mom for always supporting me in my dreams and driving to fabric stores hours away. Thanks to my sister for always fighting for me. Thank you to my professors for guiding me through these times. And thank you to the Coopers for their love and kind support for my collection, among other generous family and friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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