Yevette’s work in Jinja, Uganda

In the spring and summer of 2013, Yevette designed, developed, and produced batik scarves with a team of twelve Ugandans and Fount of Mercy, an international NGO focusing on improving indigenous organizations.  It was a very rewarding experience for her, filled with many friendships made and tons of laughter shared.

Yevette’s work included the product and textile design, developing the entire shop throughput process, teaching batik and dye techniques, sourcing materials, management, and more. These scarves are now on sale with the Global Orphan Project, and we at Fount are so excited!

Get an awesome scarf online at :

And please mention Fount of Mercy in the affiliates section at checkout, so they receive 25% of the proceeds.  Cheers!

I am writing to introduce you to Yevette Willaert, who was our intern [this year], and was INTEGRAL to setting up the scarf project for us in Jinja.  She worked tirelessly to do the initial samples, set up the workshop, train our staff, and maintain quality control in production.  She came to us at the perfect time, and without her, this project would never have been able to happen. ” – Tara Hawks, FoM vocational director

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