Press & Accolades

By Tatiana Craine
By Jahna Peloquin
By Jay Gabler

“I am writing to introduce you to Yevette Willaert, who was our intern [this year], and was INTEGRAL to setting up the scarf project for us in Jinja. She worked tirelessly to do the initial samples, set up the workshop, train our staff, and maintain quality control in production. She came to us at the perfect time, and without her, this project would never have been able to happen. ” – Tara Hawks, Fount of Mercy vocational director


“Friends, I cannot give any higher recommendation for tailoring in the Twin Cities area than my friend Yevette Willaert. I gave her two bridesmaid dresses 1 month before I needed them, and they are tailored PERFECTLY. I had kind of a tricky schedule to work around for fitting and she was gracious and flexible. She was kind and sweet while she fitted them and I am still blown away at how reasonable the price was! Seriously, if you have ANY tailoring/altering needs, please check her out. You will NOT be disappointed!!! (She’s also an incredibly talented designer!)” – Laura Menssen, client


NearSea Naturals Feature:

NearSea Naturals, a leading internet provider of exclusively sustainable fabrics and notions, posted images and information about Yevette’s work (in the link below).


Review of the Designer’s Metropolis 2011 Katwalk Fashion Show:

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